Tattoo Flash Art

Tattoo Flash

I love Tattoos and I greatly admire the exacting skills the Tattooists must have.
The Art of Tattooing is very much akin to Pyrography..
Everything must be planned and the artist must be able to "see" the work before it is fininshed. If I had the opportunity, I would take on Tattooing in an instant. Alas, I am not a Tattooist, so I contend myself by drawing Flash Art for them to use.
The Flash on the following pages is just a small sample of the hundreds I have done.

If you are a ligitimate Tattooist and registered as such
and are interested in purchasing my Flash sheets...


If your not, take a peek anyway.....but remember...

The Images on these pages are STRICTLY COPYRIGHT

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Success is simply a matter of luck
.....ask any failure.

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